James Christopher

(818) 345-9455 jimc@soundefx.com



Foreign Correspondents                                                                         Supervising Sound Editor

New Myth                                                                                                 Supervising Sound Editor

Lord Protector                                                                                          Supervising Sound Editor

Hoffa                                                                                                          Supervising Sound Editor  (laser disc)

My Tutor                                                                                                   Supervising Sound Editor

The Beach Girls                                                                                       Supervising Sound Editor                     

Marva Collins Story                                                                                Supervising Sound Editor

The Return of Cannon                                                                            Supervising Sound Editor                     

Dusty Trail                                                                                               Supervising Sound Editor

Noises Off                                                                                                 Co-Supervisor Disney

Back in the USSR                                                                                    Co-Supervisor Largo Entertainment

The Three Fugitives                                                                                 Co-Supervisor Vestron Pictures

Harry and the Hendersons                                                                      Co-Supervisor  Universal/Amblin


Industry Experience Highlights - Chronological

(feature film unless noted otherwise)



Soul Plane                            Foley Editor                               MGM












Cinerama Adventure             Sound Editor                              Documentary

Legally Blond II                                           Sound Editor                              MGM




Shark Attack III                                       Dialogue Editor                       New Image

Shark Attack III                                       Re-recording Mixer

Death Tran                                                Dialogue Editor                       New Image

Death Tran                                               Re-recording Mixer





Frogmen                                                    Re-recording Mixer                 New Image

Frogmen                                                    Dialogue Editor                       New Image

OceanŐs Eleven                                         Foley Editor

Disaster                                                     Re-recording Mixer                 New Image

Disaster                                                     Dialogue Editor                       New Image

Cats & Dogs                                             Sound Editor  

Trimmers III                                             Dialogue Editor

Winning London                                     Re-recording Mixer

Winning London                                     Dialogue Editor

Perilous                                                     Rerecording Mixer     




Night Class                                               Re-recording Mixer

Night Class                                               Dialogue Editor                       Upright Films

Once in A Blue Moon                              Re-recording Mixer

Once in A Blue Moon                              Dialogue Editor                       Blue Moon Film Ltd

Urban Legend II                                       Sound Editor

Above Suspicion                                      Re-recording Mixer                 Upright Films

Holy Hollywood                                       Dial Editor                               World of OZ Productions




Above Suspicion                                      Dialog                                     Upright Films

Unbrown                                                   Re-recording Mixer                     

Sleepy Hollow                                           Sound Editor                          Trailer

Unbrown                                                   Dialog & ADR

Sleepy Hollow                                           Sound Editor                          Teaser

New Myth                                                 Re-recording Mixer                 New Myth Production

Foreign Correspondents                         Re-recording Mixer                 Greenstem Productions




Foreign Correspondents                         Supervising Sound                  Greenstem Productions

Lion King (SimbaŐs Pride)                       Sound Editor                           Disney




Looking for Lola                                      Sound Editor                           New Image Production

New Myth                                                 Supervising Sound                  New Myth Production

New Myth                                                 Re-recording Mixer                 New Myth Production

The Guardian Angel  (TV pilot)                Sound Editor                           Universal Pictures



DanteŐs Peak                                             Sound Editor                           Universal Pictures

Daylight                                                    Sound Editor                           Universal Pictures

Lord Protector                                          Supervising Sound                  Alpine Productions





Two Days in the Valley                           Sound Editor                           Rysher

Things To Do In Denver                         Sound Editor                           Miramax

Showgirls                                                  Sound Editor                           Carolco 




Street Fighter                                            Sound Editor                           Ballrog Productions

The Little Rascals                                    Sound Editor                           Universal

Lion King                                                 Sound Editor                           Disney






Aladdin II                                                 Sound Editor                           Disney

Nightmare Before Christmas                 Sound Editor                           Buried Alive Productions

Rookie of the Year                                   Sound Editor                           20th Century Fox

Needful Things                                        Sound Editor                           Castle Rock

Hoffa                                                          Supervising Sound                  Jersey Films (laser disc)

The Last Paisan                                       Sound Editor                           LDC Motion Pictures      




Hoffa                                                          Dialogue Editor                       Bedford Films

Best of the Best                                         Sound Editor                           The Movie Group

Batman Returns                                       Sound Editor                           Warner Brothers                  




Noises Off                                                 Sound Editor                           Disney

Back in the U.S.S.R.                                Dialogue Editor                       Largo Entertainment




Exorcist III                                                Sound Editor                           Morgan Creek Productions

Total Recall                                              Sound Editor                           Orion Pictures

RoboCop 2                                                Sound Editor                           Orion Pictures




K-9                                                             Sound Editor                           Orion Pictures




The Three Fugitives                                 Sound Editor                           Vestron Pictures

Three Men and a Baby                            Foley Editor                            Touchstone Pictures






Harry and the Hendersons                      Sound Editor                           Universal/Amblin




The Collector  (70 mm)                              Sound FX Editor                     Showscan Productions

Solarbabies                                                                       Sound Editor                      Brooks Film

RoboCop                                                   Dialogue Editor                       Orion Pictures

Amazing Stories (TV - The Mission)           Sound Editor                           Amblin


1985 and Prior


The Color Purple                                     Sound Editor                           Amblin

9 1/2 Weeks                                               Sound Editor                           MGM

Goonies                                                     Sound Editor                           Amblin

Explorers                                                  Sound Editor                           Paramount

2010                                                           Sound Editor                           MGM

Let's Go  (70 mm)                                       Sound Editor                           Showscan Productions

Gremlins                                                   Sound Editor                           Amblin

DC. Cab                                                    Sound Editor                           Universal-R.K.O.

Under Fire  (M&E, TV Version)                   Music & Effects                      Orion Pictures

Arthur The King  (MOW)                         Sound Editor                           Comworld IntŐl

Coming Home (MOW)                               Sound Editor                           Gomillion Sound

Starflight One (MOW)                               Sound Editor                           Gomillion Sound

Young Doctors in Love                            Sound Editor                           ABC Motion Pictures

Mount Saint Helen                                  Sound Editor                           Neiman and Tiller

Death Valley                                             Sound Editor                           Neiman and Tiller

Paradise Island (TV -5 Episodes)                 Sound Editor                           Neiman and Tiller

Breaking Away (TV -13 Episodes)               Sound Editor                           20th Century Fox

Trapper John (TV -6 Episodes)                    Sound Editor                           20th Century Fox                  

Luddon, Luddon and Luddon (Pilot)     Sound Editor                           Q.M. Production

Barnaby Jones (TV -24 Episodes)                Sound Editor                           Q.M. Productions

A Man Called Sloan (TV -13 Episodes)      Sound Editor                           Q.M. Productions

Hawaii 5-O (TV -89 Episodes)                      Sound Editor                           C.B.S.  Studio

Logan's Run                                             Sound Editor                           M.G.M.

Lucan (Pilot)                                               Sound Editor                           M.G.M.

Getting Away From It All (MOW)           Sound Editor                           M.P.C.

Here We go Again (MOW)                         Sound Editor                           M.P.C.

Black Eye                                                  Foley Editor                            Pat Rooney Productions

Panorama in Blue                                    Sound Editor                           Alan Roberts Productions

Black Momma White Momma               Sound Editor                           Paragon Productions

Short Cut to Terror                                 Sound Editor                           L.V. Productions

43, The Petty Story                                   Sound Editor                           Victory Lane Productions

Androse Targets (TV-13 Episodes)              Sound Editor                           C.B.S. Studio Center

Betty Baby (Feature Cartoon)                        Sound Editor                           Gomillion Sound

Rooster                                                      Sound Editor                           Gomillion Sound

Earthwatch                                               Sound Editor                           Gomillion Sound

Sand Castles (MOW)                                 Sound Editor                           M.P.C.

A New American Tragedy (MOW)           Sound Editor                           M.P.C.



Another Day At the Races                      Sound Editor                           Tom Cooney Productions

Once Upon a Tribe                                  Sound Editor                           Parakeet Productions

How Far to Wimbledon (Documentary)      Sound Editor                           Alfred Eldins

The Bengal Tiger (Documentary)                 Sound Editor                           Globe International

Neither by Day or by Night                    Sound Editor                           Motion Picture Intl.

The Cat that ate the Parakeet                 Sound Editor                           Phil Pine         

Things Fall Apart                                    Sound Editor                           Nigram Corporation

November Children                                 Sound Editor                           Maurice Smith






































James Christopher

Sound Editor

17430 Vanowen St Unit 1 Lake Balboa CA 91406

818.345.9455 818.345.8353


Industry Awards



Academy Awards

Participated on the post production teams which achieved recognition from the

Motion Picture Academy of Arts & Sciences for these feature films:


   DAY LIGHT        1996         Sound Editing              nominated  


   TOTAL RECALL  1990      Sound Editing               nominated


   ROBOCOP               1986        Sound Editing          category winner


Emmy Awards

Academy of Television Arts & Sciences personal category winner for:


   AMAZING STORIES                   1986                                 Sound Editing

    Episode: The Mi  

Golden Reel Award

Motion Picture Sound Editors Association (MPSE) personal category winner for:


      DAY LIGHT                             1996                                  Sound Editor


      LION KING                              1994                          Sound Editor


      TOTAL RECALL                                    1990                        Sound Editor


      AMAZING STORIES                1986                          Sound Editor