SOUND EFFECTS on Volumnes 1 - 4

Sound Effect Time
12 Gage Shot Gun, Cock and Dry Fire. 0:04
12 Gage Shot Gun, Safety On and Off. 0:02
12 Gauge Full Loads. 0:05
1972 Ford Custom Medium in Stop Idle and Off. 0:32
1972 Ford Custom by Medium. 0:39
1972 Ford Custom by Slow. 0:36
1972 Ford Custom Car Door Open and Close. 0:09
1972 Ford Custom Fast Stop Idle and Fast Out. 0:40
1972 Ford Custom Fast in Idle and Off. 0:23
1972 Ford Custom Fast Steady to Stop. 1:16
1972 Ford Custom Gearshift Lever Various Movements. 0:08
1972 Ford Custom Medium and Stopped Idle and Medium Out. 0:49
1972 Ford Custom of by Fast. 0:21
1972 Ford Custom Slow in and Stopped Idle and Slow Out. 0:53
1972 Ford Custom Start and Medium Out. 0:38
1972 Ford Custom Start and Out Fast. 0:44
1972 Ford Custom Start Back Up Then Out. 0:46
1972 Ford Custom Various Horn Hawks. 0:17
1972 Ford Custom, Back Door Open and Close. 0:04
1972 Ford Custom, Hi Beam Switch (Funny). 0:03
1972 Ford Custom, Hood Open and Close. 0:12
1972 Ford Custom, Light Switch On and Off. 0:04
1972 Ford Custom, Trunk Open and Close. 0:07
1972 Ford Custom, Various Horn Honks. 0:13
24 Ft. Powerboat Steady At Medium Speed. 1:00
30-6 Dry Fire. 0:01
30-6 Rifle Cock to Chamber Round. 0:03
Acme Siren Take 1. 0:03
Acme Siren Take 2. 0:08
Acme Siren Take 3. 0:07
Acme Siren Take 4. 0:06
African Birds Early-Morning At Curcot. 1:03
African Birds On The Grounds of The Kilimanjaro Safari Club. 1:01
Air Blast. 0:02
Air Fill Hose. 0:02
Air Hiss. 0:05
Air-Conditioner Background. 1:02
Aircraft F18 by Fast. 0:19
Aircraft F18 by Medium. 1:00
Amusement Park Background Crowd Walla. 0:48
Apartment Building Construction Background. 1:01
B-25 Flyby. 0:10
B-25 Taxi By. 0:40
Background City Night With Traffic and Crickets. 1:02
Background Exterior of Birds Traffic. 1:07
Background Light Gusty Wind. 1:01
Balloon Blowup. 0:02
Balloon Fizzles. 0:04
Balloon Squeak, Take 1 0:01
Balloon Squeak, Take 2. 0:01
Balloon Squeak. 0:02
Bar Walla Large Crowd. 1:06
Bar Walla Small Crowd. 1:10
Beer Poor. 0:08
Bell Ring One, One Hit. 0:06
Bell Ring Two, One Hit. 0:08
Bell Ring. 0:07
Bell Tree Take 1. 0:05
Bell Tree Take 2. 0:05
Belt Snap Take 1. 0:02
Blackhawk Helicopter Startup and Take Off 5:22
Blinder Turn On Grind and Turn Off. 0:15
Body Fall On Bed With Old Springs. 0:07
Body Falls in Pickup Truck. 0:03
Body Hit Take 1. 0:01
Body Hit Take 2. 0:01
Body Hit With Boxing Gloves Take 1. 0:01
Body Hit With Boxing Gloves Take 2. 0:01
Bow Wash of A Large Diesel Boat. 1:00
Bull Whip Crack. 0:01
Bull Whip Swish With Crack. 0:04
Bull Whip Swish. 0:01
Bullet Hit On Steel Drum. 0:03
Bullet Hit On Steel Plate. 0:04
Bullet Ricochet. 0:01
Bullet Ricochet. 0:01
Cabinet Door Bounce. 0:04
Cabinet Door Open and Close With Small Squeak. 0:04
Cabinet Door Open and Close With Squeak. 0:06
Cabinet Door Squeak. 0:02
Campus Background With Pedestrian Traffic and Bicycles. 1:13
Car Alarm Horn Turn On and Turn Off. 0:07
Car by At 40 Mph With Dog Barks. 0:39
Car Cell Phone Pickup Had Sat and Sat Back-End to Cradle. 0:07
Car Crash, Take 1. 0:04
Car Crash, Take 2 0:05
Cat Meow Type Two. 0:02
Cat Meow. 0:02
Cat Per. 0:10
Cellular Telephone Ring. 0:11
Chime Bar Take 1. 0:15
Chime Bar Take 2. 0:33
City When Background. 1:07
Clay Pottery Break Take 1. 0:05
Coat 45 Automatic Slide Clip in. 0:05
Cold 45 Cocking With Slide and Dry Fire. 0:04
Computer Printer Startup and Turn Off. 0:46
Computer Start Run and Off. 1:43
Computer, Telephone Company " The Beehive ". 0:30
Corsair Flyby. 0:37
Cow Bell Rings Multiple Hits. 0:03
Cow Bell Rings Single Hit. 0:01
Crystal Glass Ding. 0:03
Crystal Glass Ding. 0:04
Crystal Glass Ding. 0:03
Desert Wind. 1:03
Dialing tones From Car Cellphone. 0:08
Diesel Commuter Train in Stop Idle Door Open and Close and Out. 3:51
Diesel Train Arriving At Station With Crow Walla. 1:04
Distant Thunder. 0:29
Dog Bark Interior. 0:03
Dog Pound Barking Many Dogs. 0:22
Dog Wine and Bark Interior. 0:06
Donkey He Haw. 0:05
Door Open and Close. Heavy Metal Door. 0:05
Door Open and Close. Interior Door. 0:06
Double Swinging Doors. Take one 0:10
EKG Beep. 0:01
EKG Tone. 0:01
Elect Sparking, Take 1. 0:02
Elect Sparking, Take 2. 0:04
F-117 Taxi by. 0:47
F-117B Fly by. 0:23
F-15 Eagle, Take Off and by. 0:23
F-18 Take Off and Flyby. 0:49
Faucet Squeak With Reverb. 0:04
Faucet Squeaks With Reverb. 0:03
Fight Bell Ringing Multiple Hits. 0:15
Fire Embers Crackle As Fire Is Dying Out. 1:01
Fire Flair Up With Crinkle. 0:06
Fire Flair Up. 0:09
Fire Proof Out. 0:01
Fire Roaring With Fire Crinkle. 0:58
Fireworks Sparkler by. 0:04
Fireworks, Skyrocket With Multiple Explosion, Take Two 0:15
Fireworks, Skyrocket With Single Explosion, Take One. 0:15
Fireworks, Skyrocket With Single Explosion, Take Three. 0:19
Fireworks, Skyrocket With Whistle and Multiple Explosions, Take 2 0:08
Fireworks, Skyrocket With Whistle and Multiple Explosions. Take 1 0:06
Flame Light Proof. 0:02
Flight Bell Ring Single Hit. 0:11
Foot Steps in Snow. 0:35
Footsteps and Walla in Tunnel to Subway Station. 1:05
Freight Elevator Doors Closes. 0:09
Freight Elevator Doors Opened 0:06
Fuse Burned. 0:33
G-2 Jet Taking Off and by. 0:59
Garage Door Close Very Squeak. 0:06
Garage Door Open Very Squeak. 0:07
Gas Hiss in Pipes. 0:45
Glass Bottles Braking At The Same Time. 0:05
Glass Brake Large Jar. 0:04
Glass Brake Light Bottles. 0:05
Glass Brake Small Bottle. 0:03
Glass Brake Small Jar. 0:03
Glass Clink Take 2. 0:02
Glass Clinking Two Bottles Clanging together. 0:01
Glass Crash - Large Picture Window. 0:09
Glass Crash - Large Piece of Plate Glass Fall On Cement. 0:04
Glass Crash - Small Plate Glass Window. 0:05
Glass Crushed With Chars Small. 0:12
Gong Hit. 0:07
Grand Central Station Background Walla and Footsteps. 1:01
Gun Cocking, 357 Smith and Wesson Pistol. 0:02
Gun Cylinder Open and Close. 0:02
Gun Dry Firing, 357 Smith and Wesson Pistol. 0:01
Gun in Holster. 0:02
Gun Out of Holster. 0:01
Gun Shots At Firing Range. 0:08
Gunshot 22 Magnum. 0:05
Gunshot 30 Carbine A Single Action Revolver. 0:05
Gunshot 32 Caliber Colt Snub Nose. 0:04
Gunshot Colt 45 Semi Automatic Pistol. 0:03
Gunshot M1. 0:04
Gunshot Many 14. 0:03
Gunshot Walter P-38 9 MM. 0:04
Gunshots 32 Caliber Carbine. 0:06
Gunshots 357 H&H Magnum. 0:06
Gunshots 375 H&H Magnum. 0:07
Gunshots 44 Magnum. 0:08
Gunshots Many 14 Simulated Automatic Fire. 0:04
Gunshots Many 14 Simulated Automatic Fire. 0:05
Gusty Desert Wind. 1:02
Half A Glass Door Open and Close With Window Rattle. 0:04
Harbor Background, Close Up in Rocks, With Water Slaps. 1:02
Harbor Background. 1:01
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Around Corner Medium and Out. 0:26
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Around Corner Slow and Out. 0:23
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle by Fast. 0:32
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle by Medium. 0:33
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle by Slow. 0:30
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Fast in Stops Idle and Out. 1:00
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Idle. 0:32
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle in Slow Stopped and Off. 0:28
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Medium in Stop and Off. 0:30
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Medium in Stop Idle and Out. 1:04
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Medium in Stop Idle U-Turn and Out. 0:47
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Slow in Stop Idle and Out. 1:11
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Start and Out Slow. 0:36
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Start in Medium Out. 0:24
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Wrong Corner Fast and Out. 0:26
Harrier Jump Jet Take Off However and Land. 2:32
Heavy Theater Crowd Walla. 1:07
Heavy Night Traffic With Crickets and Dogs. 1:04
Heavy Swish. 0:01
Heavy Swish. 0:01
Heavy Wind Gusts. 0:24
Holker Hunter by Fast. 0:16
Honda Civic Car Door Open and Close. 0:09
Honda Civic Car Seat Adjust Back. 0:02
Honda Civic Car Seat Adjust Forward. 0:02
Honda Civic Clutch Pedal Down. 0:01
Honda Civic Clutch Pedal Up. 0:01
Honda Civic Door Lock and Unlocked. 0:04
Honda Civic Fast in Idle Fast Out. 0:40
Honda Civic Glove Box Open in Close. 0:04
Honda Civic Horn Honks. 0:13
Honda Civic Hould Latch Open. 0:03
Honda Civic Key Into Ignition &Out (with buzzer). 0:06
Honda Civic Key Into Ignition &Out (without buzzer). 0:05
Honda Civic Medium in Stopped Idle Medium Out. 0:37
Honda Civic Seat Belt Unfasten. 0:03
Honda Civic Seat Belts Fastened. 0:02
Honda Civic Slow and Stopped Idle and Slow Out. 0:30
Honda Civic Slow in Idle and Off. 0:15
Honda Civic Start and Out Slow. 0:20
Honda Civic The Emergency Brake On and Off. 0:04
Honda Civic Turn Signals Signals It On and Off. 0:09
Honda Civic Window Rode Down Fast. 0:02
Honda Civic Window Roll Down Slow With Squeakers. 0:06
Honda Civic Window Roll Up With Squeaks. 0:07
Honda Civic Window Rolled Up Fast. 0:03
Honda Civic Windshild Wiper Moter Start Run &Off 0:21
Honda Civic, Ashtray Pullout and Push in. 0:03
Honda Civic, Cigarette Lighter in and Pop Out. 0:04
Honda Civic, Door Buzzer. 0:04
Hotel Desk Bell Rings Single Hit. 0:06
Huey Helicopter by At Medium Speed. 0:46
Huey Helicopter Startup and Take Off. 2:53
Industrial Neighborhood Background With Birds and Traffic. 1:03
Kitchen Tick Tock Timer With Bell. 1:30
Large Garage Door Roll-Up Door, Open With Chain Movement. 0:14
Light City Traffic A Background With Dog Bark. 1:02
Light City Traffic Background With Birds. 1:00
Light Switch On and Off. 0:06
Light Switch On and Off. 0:04
Light Wind Chimes. 1:03
Lion Growl and Roar. 0:10
Liquid Poor, Short Take 1. 0:03
Lite Theater Crowd Walla. 1:08
Medium Theater Crowd Walla. 1:06
Meg 15 by Fast. 0:12
Meg 15 by Vary Fast. 0:18
Mike Squawk On and Off. 0:04
Multiple Fireworks Explosions, Finale Type 0:15
Multiple Fireworks Explosions. 0:04
Neon Hum. 1:02
New York Grand Central Station Footstep Traffic in Walla Background. 1:03
P51 by At A Fast Speed. 0:44
P51 by At Medium Speed. 0:56
Parade Crowd Background. 1:02
Pipe Rattle. 0:22
Pistol Cock and Hammer Down in Safety. 0:03
Pistol Cylinder Open and Close. 0:02
Pistol Dry Fire. 0:01
Pits Aircraft Doing Aircraft Maneuvers and Flyby. 0:33
Pits Aircraft Fly by, With Dive Wine. 0:19
Pits Aircraft Flyby, With Dive Wine. 0:16
Pits Aircraft Flyby. 0:08
Police Whistle Blow A Short Burst. 0:02
Porcelain Vase Crash. 0:03
Push Bar Door Open and Close With Reverb. 0:14
Push Bar Door Openings Close Slowly With Squeak. 0:10
Push-Button Telephone Dial 7 Numbers. 0:04
Radio Ringing. 0:11
Radio Static. 0:10
Radio Static. 0:10
Radio Static. 0:10
Refrigerator Door Open and Close. 0:11
Restaurant Background Delicatessen Type. 1:01
Rifle Bolt Action, Cocking. 0:02
Rifle Bolt Action, Dry Fire. 0:01
Ringing Crystal Short Higher Pitch. 0:05
Ringing Crystal Short Low Pitch. 0:04
Ringing Crystal Short. 0:06
Ringing Crystal. 0:10
Roller-Coaster in Sidecar With Girl Screaming. 2:27
Roller-Coaster Passed by With Girls Screaming. 0:40
Rustier Crow. 0:03
Sci-Fi alien radio signal volumn up to down 0:12
Sci-Fi Hover craft fly by 0:10
Sci-Fi Sound, 0:14
Sci-Fi Sound, 0:12
Sci-Fi Sound, Hiss Blast. 0:03
Sci-Fi Time Wave. 0:24
Sci-Fi Woo - ramp up and down mult times 0:26
Sci-Fi Woo - ramp up and down 3 times 0:40
Sci-Fi Woo - ramp up and down 3 times 0:06
Sci-Fi Woo - ramp up fast and down real slow 1 time 0:21
Sci-Fi Woo - ramp up slow and down 1 time 0:05
Sci-Fi wow sound ramping down 0:09
Sci-Fi, hovering hover craft then exit 0:33
Sci-Fi, phaser blash with multi echos 0:08
Sci-Fi, Steam Blast Two. 0:06
Sci-Fi, Steam Blast. 0:03
Sci-Fi, Wassel Blast. 0:03
Sci-Fi, Wave Blast. 0:07
Shotgun Pump Type Cocking and Load Shell. 0:02
Shotgun Pump Type, Dry Fire. 0:01
Shotgun Pump Type, Safety Off. 0:01
Shower Doors Open and Close. 0:10
Small Carnival Midway Background. 1:21
Small Explosion With Reverb. 0:09
Small interior Closet Door Open and Close Slowly With Squeak. 0:17
Small interior Closet Door Open and Close With Squeak. 0:12
Small Sonar Beeper. 0:21
Small Sonar Pinter. 0:08
Small Stream Flowing. 1:03
Small Stream Light Rapids. 1:02
Small Waterfall in Africa. 0:21
Space Shuttle Sonic Boom. 0:03
Spray Can Spray and Off. 0:06
Squeaky Screen Door Open and Close Slow. 0:15
SR-71 Fly by. and Land. 1:52
SR-71 Take Off &By. 0:38
Steam Train Passed by. 1:16
Suburban Bird Background. 1:09
Suburbanite Background With Crickets and Light Traffic 1:07
Subway Train in Stop and Out. 1:09
Subway Train Leaves Station. 0:47
Suction Cup Pop Off, Take 1. 0:03
Suction Cup Pop Off, Take 2. 0:02
Surf Background Heavy. 1:07
Surf Background Medium. 1:08
Surf Background, Close Surf On Beach. 1:02
Swinging Door Open Fast Close Slow. 0:11
Swish by Hi Frequency. 0:01
Swish by Higher Frequency. 0:01
Swish by Low Frequency. 0:02
Swish by Medium Frequency. 0:01
T.V. Static. 0:05
Teapot Whistle and Steamed Down. 0:45
Teapot Whistle. 1:28
Telephone Busy Signal. 0:06
Telephone Co, Relay Circuits. 0:30
Telephone Dial tone. 0:16
Telephone Handset Pick Up and Set Down. 0:04
Telephone Handset Pickups Set Down. 0:03
Telephone Ring Bell Type. 0:06
Telephone Ring of Electronic Type Take 1. 0:35
Telephone Ring of Electronic Type Take 2. 0:31
Telephone Ring Through Receiver. 0:23
Telephone touch tone Buttons Dial. 0:03
Thunder With Very Light Rain. 0:30
Thunder. 0:27
Thunder. 0:25
Tile Stress Fracture 0:02
Tile Stress Fracture. 0:02
Toggle Switch Double Throw On and Off. 0:02
Toggle Switch On and Off. 0:02
Toggle Switch On and Off. 0:01
Toggle Switch Small On and Off. 0:01
Toilet Flush. 0:37
Torch by Fast. 0:01
Torch by Medium. 0:02
Torch Light Light and Burn. 0:32
Train Bath Room Door Open and Close, Train Steady in Background. 0:05
Train Steady in Baggage Car. 1:01
Train Steady in Slipping Compartment. 1:02
Train Steady, Between Cars. 1:02
Train Steady. Exterior of The Train @ 70 Mph. 1:30
Truck by in Snow, With Snow Tires. 0:37
Tugboat Horn. 0:02
TV Drop-An Crash. 0:04
TV Seat Drop On Ground and Crash. 0:05
Very Distant Rolling Thunder. 0:16
Very Dull Twang. 0:01
Water Bottle Gong. 0:01
Water Bubbling. 1:01
Water Dispenser With Bubble At End. 0:07
Water Drips in Metal Bool. 0:35
Water Drips in Water. 0:42
Water Fall Medium. 1:01
Water Lapped On Fiberglass Skiff. 4:00
Water Lapped Up On Small Beach With Generator in The Background. 1:00
Water Sizzle An Drip On Hot Pan. 0:28
Water Trickle in Small Pipe. 1:09
Whistle Blow Long. 0:02
Whistle Blow Short. 0:01
Wind Chimes Bell Type. 1:15
Wind Chimes Tubular Type. 1:27
Wind in Trees. 1:03
Wind Through Pine Trees. 1:06
Wood Break Large. 0:03
Young Girl Screamed Take One. 0:01
Young Girl Screamed, Short, Take Two. 0:01

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