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Soundefx Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

The original recordings were made using Schoeps microphones, cardioid and a figure eight patterns, in a Mid/Side (M/S) configuration. Recorded on a HHB DAT recorder, with no processing in the analog signal chain, was used as the master recorder.

Once in the digital domain, except for decoding M/S matrix into Left/Right (X-Y) stereo format conversions, no other signal processing was done. All transfer and editing was performed using Digidesign ProTools with WAVES M/S Matrix plug-in. The edited Sound Designer II files were converted to AIFF and WAV file formats for pre-mastering on DVD.

Automatic naming of captured clips in O.S. 10 has been updated to remove extra zeroes from the beginning of a clip number. For example, in previous versions of Final Cut Pro, a series of clips would automatically be named and numbered as follows: Untitled 0001, Untitled 0002, Untitled 0003. The extra zeroes in front of the number ensured that the clips would remain in sequential order once the clips reached 0010 and 0100 respectively. O.S. 10 no longer requires the extra zeroes in order to sort effectively. Now, clips are automatically named and numbered as follows: 01, 02,03 est.

Sound levels

All sound levels were recorded with the thought mind, that in the analog world a +4 would register on professional equipment as a -20, or -18 sfDB. In the digital consumer world it would register 14 db down from the professional level.

This means that output voltage on the analog would be a 1.23 volts when you run a 1kH tone at -20, or -18 depending on the way you have your equipment calibrated. On the consumer equipment it would output a .776 volts.





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